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MySQL Integration for Grafana Cloud

MySQL is a managed, open source relational database that is widely used. The MySQL Integration enables the Grafana Agent to send metrics to Grafana Cloud. The integration also creates a useful default dashboard for visualization of MySQL metrics within Grafana Cloud.

By default, the agent configuration expects the MYSQL_ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD flag to be set to ‘yes’.

Use the walkthrough in Grafana Cloud to install the MySQL Integration.

Post-install configuration for the MySQL Integration

If you choose not to set the MYSQL_ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD flag you will need to update the agent configuration integrations section with a password by adjusting the agent configuration file contents, like this.

We strongly recommend that you configure a separate user for the Agent, and give it only the strictly mandatory security privileges necessary for monitoring your node. For more information, see the official documentation.

    enabled: true
    data_source_name: "root:put-password-here@(localhost:3306)/"

Valid values for data_source_name are described in the MySQL section of the go-sql-driver README.