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Grafana Enterprise Metrics documentation

Grafana Enterprise Metrics is a commercial offering based on the open source project Grafana Mimir. The commercial offering allows you to deploy a scalable, simple, and reliable Metrics cluster in your own data center.

Grafana Enterprise Metrics features

With Grafana Enterprise Metrics, you get access to the following features:

  • Tenant management to easily scale from one to hundreds of metrics tenants on a single Grafana Enterprise Metrics cluster. Each tenant provides an isolated logical separation of the cluster. Operators have full control over the tenants running on their cluster, by either using the built-in API directly or the official Grafana Labs Grafana Enterprise Metrics plugin.
  • Token based authentication to create and manage tokens with configurable access parameters to interact with Metrics tenants.
  • Remote-write rule forwarding to forward series from your metrics tenant to any Prometheus remote-write compatible endpoint.
  • Fine-grained access control to have granular control over what access your users have to data stored in GEM.
  • Scalability enhancements like time-based sharding during compaction which allow GEM to support single tenants with hundreds of millions of active series.
  • Out-of-the-box self monitoring to provide metrics and dashboards that make it easy to understand the health of your GEM deployment without any external dependencies or setup required.
  • Per-tenant usage insights so that GEM operators can compare the read and write volumes of different tenants within their cluster and compare those volumes to each tenant’s custom limits.
  • OSS Grafana Mimir compatible to ensure the enterprise-metrics binary can be seamlessly dropped into an existing Grafana Mimir deployment.

Try Grafana Enterprise Metrics

To purchase or obtain a trial license contact the Grafana Labs Sales Team.

To download the Grafana Enterprise Metrics binary visit the download page