Grafana Cloud

Understand your Synthetic Monitoring invoice

Synthetic Monitoring is a feature of Grafana Cloud, and is billed the same that Grafana Cloud is billed.

Synthetic Monitoring checks publish metrics and logs, active series . See Metrics invoice for more information.

Billing calculator

When creating or editing a check, the Synthetic Monitoring UI has a built-in calculator that shows the quantity of active series and log usage to expect for the check.

Billing calculator

Billing details

Synthetic Monitoring is a feature of Grafana Cloud and is billed using active series, just like other features of Grafana Cloud. Active series are calculated from the metrics and logs published. The amount of active series varies per check type, because different check types publish different metrics.

Variables that affect metric volume and therefore active series are the number of checks, number of probes, and check type. Frequency does not increase metrics, but it does generate more log usage, leading to a small increase in active series.

For more details, see Metrics invoice.