Faster root cause analysis with contextual alerts

Grafana Cloud Asserts adds an intelligence layer to your telemetry data to help you understand the behavior of your applications and services. When problems occur, Asserts enables you to uncover root causes quickly by automatically correlating related issues.

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Faster issue resolution

Restore services faster by eliminating the need to manually correlate and prioritize alerts.

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Quickly find root cause

Quickly determine where to look first when troubleshooting with Asserts’ concise view across all affected application services and underlying infrastructure.

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Reduce toil by limiting the need for PromQL

Asserts ships with a curated set of alert rules and troubleshooting dashboards, eliminating the need to create and maintain these assets.

View all relevant data with the Entity Graph

  • Asserts analyzes metric labels from Prometheus exporters, service meshes (Istio, Linkerd), eBPF-based auto-instrumentation (Grafana Beyla), and OpenTelemetry to build the Entity Graph.
  • When an incident is triggered, the Entity Graph is used to collate all relevant components, ensuring all troubleshooting signals are just a click away.
Relevant data

Curated library

Leverage a curated library of alert rules out of the box

  • Utilizing normalized and baselined data, Asserts provides a comprehensive set of alert rules using the SAAFE model, covering all the golden signals.
  • Asserts automates crafting complex PromQL so you don’t have to.

Spot issues faster with the Intelligent Workbench

  • All components affected by an incident are automatically correlated in a single view.
  • The relevant metrics, logs, and traces are right at your fingertips.
  • Quickly jump into logs and traces scoped to the component and time window of the incident.
Intelligent workbench

Contextual library

Save time with a curated contextual library of dashboards

  • Asserts automatically and dynamically links to technology-specific Grafana dashboards.
  • Eliminates toil from creating, maintaining, and organizing mundane dashboards. No more searching endlessly to spot the right one.

“Asserts helps us quickly correlate problems in the cluster and surfaces previously unknown, lingering issues. Asserts also offloads toil from our operations teams. By providing pre-made alerting rules and dashboards, it streamlines the painful job of maintaining them. It has always been a plus that the Asserts UI embeds directly into Grafana. We are excited to see it become a native part of the LGTM (Loki, Grafana, Tempo, Mimir) Stack going forward.”
Gabriel Creti
Engineering Manager and Technical Lead