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Monitor your infrastructure

Monitor your infrastructure with the the centralized observability applications Kubernetes Monitoring and AWS Observability. Get started quickly collecting and sending your data to Grafana Cloud with a Grafana integration.


AWS Observability provides you with access to a fast, scalable backend that you don’t have to manage. Instead of running your own exporter to pull cloud data to a local observability system, you can use Grafana’s cloud-native solution to keep your data in the cloud, with minimal setup overhead.

Kubernetes Monitoring offers one platform for comprehensive monitoring and visibility. As you analyze the health of your Clusters, Pods, and containers, and perform troubleshooting, you remain within the same Kubernetes Monitoring app. This makes analysis and troubleshooting more efficient and effective, reducing mean time to resolution.

Configuring, installing, connecting, and maintaining components for a Prometheus-based observability stack often involve significant domain knowledge, and can be tedious and time consuming. Grafana integrations offer you a fast and easy way to get started with minimal effort. Integrations are built with a curated set of default metrics and preconfigured Grafana dashboards, driven by Grafana Agent deployed into your environment.