Grafana Cloud

Cloud execution context variables

When you run a cloud test, you can use three additional environment variables to find out in which load zone, server instance, and distribution label the script is currently running.

K6_CLOUDRUN_LOAD_ZONEstringThe load zone from where the metric was collected. Values are in the following format: amazon:us:ashburn.
K6_CLOUDRUN_INSTANCE_IDnumberA sequential number representing the unique ID of a load generator server taking part in the test, starts at 0.
K6_CLOUDRUN_DISTRIBUTIONstringThe value of the cloud.distribution label" corresponding to the load generator instance.

You can read the values of these variables in your k6 script as usual.

export const options = {
  vus: 50,
  duration: '30s',
  cloud: {
    distribution: {
      ashburnDistribution: { loadZone: 'amazon:us:ashburn', percent: 50 },
      dublinDistribution: { loadZone: 'amazon:ie:dublin', percent: 50 },
export default function () {
  if (__ENV.K6_CLOUDRUN_DISTRIBUTION === 'ashburnDistribution') {
    // do something
  } else if (__ENV.K6_CLOUDRUN_DISTRIBUTION == 'dublinDistribution') {
    // do something