What is Grafana Alloy?

Grafana Alloy is an open source OpenTelemetry collector with built-in Prometheus pipelines and support for metrics, logs, traces, and profiles.

Grafana Alloy overview

Grafana Alloy is Grafana Labs’ distribution of the OpenTelemetry Collector. It is an OTLP-compatible collector with built-in Prometheus optimizations that also supports signals across metrics, logs, traces, and profiles.

Alloy was started at Grafana Labs and announced at GrafanaCON in 2024. The mission for the project is to create the best “big tent” collector that’s compatible with the most popular open source observability ecosystems and includes enterprise-grade features to simplify operating at scale in a modern cloud native infrastructure. 

Grafana Labs is proud to lead the development of the Alloy project, building first-class support for Alloy into Grafana and ensuring Grafana Labs customers receive Alloy support and features they need.

Why use Grafana Alloy as an OpenTelemetry collector?

Pull configs from anywhere
Pull configs from anywhere, such as GitHub, S3, and HTTP endpoints
Natively ingest metrics
Natively ingest metrics, logs, traces, and profiles with compatibility formats like Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, Mimir, Loki, Tempo, and Pyroscope.
Enable SREs to get production-ready pipelines
Enable SREs to get production-ready pipelines immediately with Alloy modules that can distill a large config file into a single module that’s just a few lines. Modules can be prebuilt by the community or packaged together from Grafana.
Get better workload distribution
Get better workload distribution and high availability against pull-based workloads with built-in clustering
Connect to a HashiCorp Vault server
Connect to a HashiCorp Vault server to retrieve secrets and avoid managing authentication credentials and tokens locally
Easily troubleshoot issues
Easily troubleshoot issues at configuration time with an embedded debugging UI that’s viewable from the Alloy HTTP server

How does Grafana Alloy work as an OpenTelemetry collector?

Grafana Alloy diagram


Grafana Alloy uses more than 120 components to collect telemetry data from applications, databases, and OpenTelemetry collectors. Alloy supports collection using multiple ecosystems, including OpenTelemetry and Prometheus.

Telemetry data can be either pushed to Grafana Alloy, or Grafana Alloy can pull it from your data sources.



Grafana Alloy processes data and transforms it for sending.

Transformations can be used to inject extra metadata into telemetry or filter out unwanted data.



Grafana Alloy sends data to OpenTelemetry-compatible databases or collectors, the Grafana LGTM stack, or Grafana Cloud.

Grafana Alloy can additionally write alerting rules in compatible databases.

Choose the version that’s best for you

To use Grafana Alloy, you have three options to instrument and connect your data:

Grafana Alloy

Open source
Distribution of the OpenTelemetry Collector that combines native support for both OTLP and Prometheus pipelines, with built-in clustering and Vault support. Deploy anywhere and connect to your backend of choice.
Easiest way to get started

Grafana Cloud

Free forever
Connect Alloy to Grafana Cloud for access to our full catalog of cloud solutions and integrations. Get a dedicated UI for monitoring the health and performance of your collectors.

Grafana Cloud Pro

Pay as you go
The same benefits as Grafana Cloud Free with no limits around telemetry ingestion. Pay for the telemetry data that you send, plus get 8x5 support.

Built on open source, driven by the community

We’re excited to share our learnings and work with the open source community on Grafana Labs’ distribution of the OpenTelemetry collector.

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