Grafana Cloud

Cloud tags

When a test runs in k6 Cloud, k6 adds two tags to all metrics. As with all tags in k6, you can use cloud tags to filter results.

Tag nameTypeDescription
load_zonestringThe load zone from where the metric was collected. Values are in the form: amazon:us :ashburn.
instance_idnumberA unique number that represents the ID of a load-generator server taking part in the test.

By default, k6 only preserves instance_id in the following metrics: iterations, load_generator_cpu_percent, load_generator_file_handles, load_generator_memory_percent, vus and vus_max. You can use the keep_tags configuration option to retain it on other metrics.

The cloud tags are automatically added when collecting test metrics. They work as regular tags do. For example, you can filter the results for a particular load zone, or define a Threshold based on the results of a load zone.

import http from 'k6/http';

export const options = {
  vus: 50,
  duration: '30s',
  thresholds: {
    'http_req_duration{load_zone:amazon:us:ashburn}': ['p(95)<500'],
    'http_req_duration{load_zone:amazon:ie:dublin}': ['p(95)<800'],
  cloud: {
    distribution: {
      ashburnDistribution: { loadZone: 'amazon:us:ashburn', percent: 50 },
      dublinDistribution: { loadZone: 'amazon:ie:dublin', percent: 50 },
export default function () {