Grafana Cloud

Release notes for Frontend Observability 1.3


  • Fixing links to Explore from various places throughout the app


  • Add session overview histogram to the session overview page
  • Add interactivity to the Session Overview table
  • In some cases the interactive table was crashing when using the search function


  • Fix a UI issue resulting in crashes within the app overview.


  • Instrument plugin with React instrumentation
  • Add a table of relevant sessions to the Route Detail page
  • Add interactive user-journey table
  • Make news dialog box more user friendly
  • Add option to filter dashboard between K6 and RUM data
  • Add missing response time to navigation row in user-journey table
  • Use Ad-Hoc filter set from Scenes instead of a custom component
  • Expand icon was missing in user-journey table for non Firefox browsers
  • Fix session table in Route Detail page
  • Upgrade Faro to 1.3.7
  • Remove many unneeded dependencies


  • User Journey Table: replace pageUrl with pageId
  • Add TraceQL query editor to Session Details page
  • Updating WebVital visualizations to be more informative and easier to understand
  • The time range will now be set to an absolute time range when navigating to the Session Detail page (for simpler page sharing and consistent experience)
  • Adding filters to Error Awareness


  • Remove redundant logic from user journey table
  • A number of QOL and readability improvements throughout the plugin


  • Update session config in Web SDK Configuration Page


  • Add “page performance” features - automatically infer an application’s page routes and show per-route details
  • Add SDK config options for session tracking
  • Error Awareness detail page now uses an absolute time range to allow for better sharing of errors
  • Panel Explore buttons now communicates that only those with Editor or above permissions are able to click them
  • Hide Editor actions from Viewer role
  • Fix issue with Error Awareness detail page loading indefinitely
  • Remove duplicates in Session table which
  • Add missing session_extend value to the query for the summary lane panels in session details


  • User Journey table showed the same or gibberish results in the type and value columns
  • Only show newly started and extended sessions in session overview


  • Add shared time range state between pages
  • Fix some bugs with panels querying and rendering
  • Update Faro dependencies, re-enable Faro Fetch instrumentation
  • Show extended and resumed sessions in session overview table


  • Remove error type from error details URL, fixing some Error Awareness navigation issues
  • Summary and User Experience Row in Session Details view were hidden on small screens
  • Session details page crashed because of a call to setImmediate which is not supported anymore
  • Refactored E2E testing to ensure more stability between plugin and receiver
  • Update Faro and @grafana/scenes dependencies

1.3.5 (hotfix)

  • Update faro to latest version


  • Sort relevant tables by timestamp
  • Don’t show welcome page again for existing customers


  • Add split traces view to session details pages
  • Fixes missing welcome page
  • Fix bug with app filter parsing, move app filters below tab bar


  • Enable new session management in Faro Web SDK
  • Remove “app_name” from list of links on the Error Awareness detail page
  • Show timestamps in sessions table in clients timezone


  • Fix issues with broken queries in Overview/Errors dashboard as a result of the scenes refactor
  • Fix issues with User Journey and Traces tables timestamps


  • Update scenes to latest version, refactor application to better adhere to scenes architecture
  • Improve UX of Error Awareness page
  • Refactor Overview and Errors scenes to use a single datasource each
  • Implement Scenes cursor sync feature for Overview dashboard
  • Use correct value for upper threshold for Largest Contentful Paint panels
  • Several issues in the session details view:
    • User Journey table: remove ms unit for CLS value.
    • User Journey table: issue a case insensitive search when navigating to Loki by clicking a value in the type column.
    • User Journey table: Show the correct timestamp value for the client timezone.
    • Traces table: Show the correct timestamp value for the client timezone.