Grafana Cloud

Send or visualize InfluxDB metrics

There are multiple ways to see your InfluxDB data in Grafana Cloud.

Use the influxdb_exporter for Prometheus

This method involves installing Prometheus locally on the system where InfluxDB is running, using the influxdb_exporter to expose those metrics to an endpoint, then using Prometheus to scrape and send those metrics to Grafana Cloud. The process is similar to our more detailed quickstart, Monitoring a Linux host using Prometheus and node_exporter.

To install Prometheus locally, see the Prometheus installation documentation.

To install the influxdb_exporter, see the InfluxDB Exporter documentation.

Use the remote_write ability of Prometheus to send your data. You can find the configuration details to do this in the Cloud Portal. In the Prometheus box, click Send Metrics for the configuration needed to use remote_write with your Grafana Cloud instance.

To find a suitable dashboard to get started, see Find and use dashboards.