Synthetic monitoring for a seamless user experience

Grafana Cloud Synthetic Monitoring proactively monitors the performance of your APIs and web applications from the user’s perspective, testing the availability, health, and quality of your services around the world. Powered by Grafana k6, Synthetic Monitoring combines GUI-based and as-code monitoring to improve efficiency, collaboration, and application reliability.

The actually useful Grafana Cloud Free plan

  • 100k test executions
  • 50GB traces
  • 10k metrics
  • 50GB logs
  • 14-day retention
  • 3 active users
stay on top of your SLOs icon

Stay on top of your SLOs

Proactively monitor the performance and uptime of your websites and APIs at various network levels around the globe, helping you track SLOs and SLAs.

improve developer productivity icon

Improve developer productivity

Streamline your workflow with automated synthetic monitoring. Use the same k6 scripts from pre-prod to production to improve collaboration and efficiency.

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Reduce MTTR

Combine the user-friendly, prebuilt workflows with Grafana custom dashboarding for effortless triage, diagnosis, and issue resolution.

Why use Grafana Cloud for synthetic monitoring?

Validate the global user experience

  • Send single or chained requests to verify the performance of your systems at various network levels: Ping, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP checks.
  • Simulate even the most complex user and transaction flows with accuracy and flexibility.
  • Run checks from more than 20 Grafana managed probe locations around the world and gain visibility into your global user experience. Also use private probes to monitor internal-facing applications running behind a firewall.
  • Activate prebuilt Prometheus-style alerts that track SLOs — all from the Synthetic Monitoring UI.
Test result overview in Grafana Cloud Synthetic Monitoring.

Example of a k6 test script in Grafana Cloud Synthetic Monitoring.

Synthetic monitoring as code

  • Define your tests and synthetic checks in JavaScript, leveraging the k6 API. Reuse modules and JavaScript libraries to build and maintain your test suite.
  • Use the same test scripts across teams for the entire software development life cycle. (No more silos!)
  • Store monitoring resources in your GitHub repo alongside your application code.
  • Automatically deploy and maintain checks via Terraform or the API.

Troubleshoot for faster MTTR

  • Track key performance metrics of your websites and APIs (e.g., uptime, reachability, duration) with out-of-the-box workflows.
  • Use PromQL-based query languages to query metrics or logs with Grafana Explore.
  • Use generated metrics to create custom Grafana dashboards for detailed analysis and customized reporting.
  • Correlate client-side data from Synthetic Monitoring with server-side metrics, logs, and traces in Grafana for fast debugging, regardless of where the data is hosted.
Debugging failed checks in Grafana Cloud Synthetic Monitoring.

It’s easy to get started with Grafana Cloud Synthetic Monitoring

step 1

Sign up

step 2

Create tests

Write new tests in your text editor or use our no-code tools for faster test creation. You can also reuse existing k6 scripts.
step 3

Deploy tests and start monitoring

Configure tests from the Synthetic Monitoring app or the CLI with Terraform/API. Set alerts for performance degradation notifications.
step 4

Analyze test results

View real-time test results and correlate the data with other data sources in Grafana dashboards.

Get Synthetic Monitoring in Grafana Cloud

Synthetic Monitoring for every user, every organization, and every use case.

Cloud Free

No payment. Ever.
Best suited for early stage and small teams. Run up to 100k test executions per month and gain community support.
Easiest way to get started

Cloud Pro

Pay as you go
Best suited for growing teams that perform frequent tests. Run more than 100k test executions and access 8x5 support.

Cloud Advanced

Premium bundle
Best suited for global teams with higher monitoring requirements. Run more than 200k test executions and access 24x7 support.