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Application Observability user manual

Discover how to use the Application Observability frontend in Grafana Cloud.


To use Application Observability you first need to set up instrumentation for an application and send data to Grafana Cloud.

Data source

Before you can use Application Observability frontend in Grafana Cloud for the first time you need to select a data source.

Metrics generation

If you are sending telemetry data to the default provisioned traces data source for the stack, you need to enable metrics generation to generate the metrics, from traces you have already sent to Grafana Cloud, that Application Observability needs.

You can disabled metrics generation from the Application Observability configuration page.

Custom data source

If you are sending telemetry data including traces and metrics to a custom data source, select the corresponding metrics or traces data source from the top of each Application Observability screen.

You can configure the default data sources Application Observability used to populate the frontend in Application Observability configuration

Discover services

Use the following curated dashboards to discover your services:

  • Service Inventory to filter and list services, and view health information at a high level
  • Service Map to view a graph of related services, and health metrics at a high level
  • Service Overview to view the health of a service, operations performed, and runtime information