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The Splunk data source plugin is the easiest way to get Splunk visualizations for your logs and metrics alongside Prometheus data in a single Grafana dashboard.

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One dashboard for all your data

Bring together your Splunk logs and metrics with data from other observability tools into a single dashboard and get a comprehensive view of your application and infrastructure health. For example, get a real-time look into where in the user journey an application slows down by correlating infrastructure monitoring data from Splunk with real user monitoring data from another observability tool, such as New Relic or AppDynamics.
Unified observability

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Splunk visualizations without moving or duplicating data

Translate and transform your existing application and business metrics into flexible and versatile visualizations within Grafana dashboards using a wide range of panels, such as time series graphs, gauges, geomaps, and more. Also query and alert on the data in real time without having to migrate or ingest it.

Correlate Splunk data with a wide range of data sources

With Grafana Cloud, get instant access to 100+ data sources, including Elasticsearch, Jira, Datadog, AppDynamics, Oracle, Databricks, ServiceNow, and more. Then you can, for example, identify root causes more quickly by combining your logs from Splunk, infrastructure health metrics from Datadog, application performance monitoring data from Dynatrace, and even incident tickets from ServiceNow into a single view.
Correlate Splunk with data sources

Splunk instance

Securely query your on-prem Splunk instance from Grafana Cloud

With Private Data Source Connect (PDC) in Grafana Cloud, you can securely query data from a Splunk instance located in an on-prem private network or Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). The PDC agent establishes an SSH tunnel for your encrypted data so teams can securely visualize and alert on your private data.

“I think Grafana is the gel that pulls everything together from across the business to give us a real-time snapshot of how Utilita’s doing at any given moment. It’s incredibly valuable.”
Adrian Goater
Web Development Manager

How to install and set up the Splunk data source in Grafana Cloud