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Recruitment Scams Alert: We’ve been alerted to phishing schemes falsely representing Grafana Labs in recruitment scams. Please be aware that all official communications from Grafana Labs will originate from email addresses ending in Furthermore, it’s important to note that Grafana Labs recruiters will never use email to initiate unsolicited contact with you about job opportunities. Be safe out there. And best of luck in your job search!
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Beware of Recruitment Scams Impersonating Grafana Labs

Recently, we have received inquiries from individuals questioning the authenticity of job offers purportedly from Grafana Labs. These inquiries have uncovered fraudulent attempts by criminals exploiting individuals’ job-seeking efforts, particularly those seeking remote positions. Our remote-first approach unfortunately makes it easier for these impersonators to appear credible.

Should you apply for a position at Grafana Labs, or if you’re directly contacted by one of our recruiters, the initial step in our recruitment process is a scheduled call either with our recruiting team or a hiring manager. Any email communications will be sent from a email address and include a matching reply-to address.

If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of a recruiter claiming to represent Grafana Labs, we urge you to STOP and verify. Genuine job openings can always be found and applied for on our careers page. Should you have any concerns during the recruitment process, please contact us for confirmation that you are in contact with a legitimate representative of Grafana Labs.

Additional Red Flags to Watch For:

  • Premature Job Offers: Our interview process is comprehensive, involving multiple interviews and interactions with potential colleagues via video call. An offer after just a single interview or coding exercise should raise suspicions.
  • Unsolicited Job Offers: Grafana Labs does not send unsolicited emails with job offers.
  • Requests for Money or Financial Transactions: At no point will Grafana Labs ask you to cash a cheque, forward money to cover equipment costs, security checks, or any other purpose. Any such requests are fraudulent.
  • Specific Vendor Requirememts for Purchases: While we recommend certain vendors for equipment, being instructed to purchase exclusively from a specific vendor during the recruitment process is likely indicative of a scam.

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