Grafana Labs Open Source

Open Source is at the heart of what we do at Grafana Labs. We believe building software in the open, with permissive licenses and thriving communities, helps leave the world a little better than we found it.

The company started with our flagship open source project, Grafana. Since then we have gone on to launch multiple open source projects ourselves, such as Metrictank and Loki, and also contribute to successful projects in this space, such as Graphite and Prometheus.

If you are interested in working on open source projects, we are always hiring! If on the other hand you would like to get involved and contribute to any of these projects, dive right in! Try filing a new issue or commenting on an existing one, that is always a good place to start.

Grafana Logo


The leading open source monitoring and analytics platform that works with every database.

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Cortex: horizontally scalable, highly available, multi-tenant, long term storage for Prometheus.

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Graphite is an open source monitoring system first developed by Chris Davis at Orbitz in 2006.

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Grafana Loki

Loki is a horizontally-scalable, highly-available, multi-tenant log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus. It is designed to be very cost effective and easy to operate.

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Metrictank is a multi-tenant timeseries platform for Graphite developed by Grafana Labs.

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Prometheus is an open source monitoring system developed by engineers at SoundCloud in 2012.

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Grafana Tanka

Grafana Tanka is the robust configuration utility for your Kubernetes cluster, powered by the unique Jsonnet language