Grafana Cloud Frontend Observability

Gain real user monitoring insights

Grafana Cloud Frontend Observability is our hosted service for real user monitoring (RUM) that provides immediate, clear, actionable insights into the end user experience of web applications. You’ll get RUM data on real-time frontend health, track frontend errors, and resolve issues with end-to-end visibility across your stack.

Get started with the Grafana Cloud free tier: 50k frontend sessions.

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Understand the actual end user experience

Monitor and report on Web Vitals to optimize your website and application performance for users.

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Troubleshoot user-facing issues

Reconstruct user behavior leading up to an issue and correlate the data with backend requests when debugging performance issues.

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Reduce MTTR for frontend errors

Look into similar errors that are automatically grouped for you and investigate issues down to specific lines of code.

Why use Grafana Cloud for frontend monitoring?

Monitor end user experience

  • Measure page load times, user interaction, cumulative layout shift, and more critical metrics for understanding and delivering a great user experience.
  • Slice and dice performance metrics in ways that align with your business goals — e.g., by device type, application version, or session ID — and learn more how certain users interact with your site.
 Grafana Frontend Observability overview dashboard.

grafana frontend observability error awareness dashboard

Track errors with complete stack traces

  • Assess the severity of frontend errors based on volume and frequency.
  • Investigate each issue with helpful contextual metadata.
  • Narrow down the source of an error to specific lines of code by unpacking JavaScript stack traces.

End-to-end visibility into every user interaction

  • Find user sessions based on any parameter.
  • Reconstruct the timeline of events in a user session.
  • Correlate a frontend session with request traces to gain full-stack visibility.
grafana frontend observability sessions dashboard

grafana frontend observability custom dashboard example

Build custom Grafana dashboards

  • Frontend performance data is stored in Grafana Cloud Logs, exposed as Prometheus metrics, and visualized in Grafana for flexible analysis and reporting.

It’s easy to get started with Grafana Cloud Frontend Observability

Sign up

Register an application

Enter the name of your application and the domains from which you are ending data.

Add the Grafana Faro Web SDK to application

Add the Faro Web SDK to your application using either npm registry or a CDN. Or you can add OpenTelemetry to capture tracing data.

Enjoy out-of-box insights

Immediately start to see real-time frontend health, monitor frontend errors, and track user sessions in minutes.

For full implementation details and best practices,

see the guide

Get Frontend Observability in Grafana Cloud

Real user monitoring for every user, every organization, and every use case.

Cloud Free

Best suited for early stage and small teams that monitor sites with up to 50k sessions per month

Cloud Pro

Best suited for growing teams that monitor websites with more than 50k sessions per month and requiring 8X5 support.

Cloud Advanced

Best suited for global teams with higher monitoring requirements for websites with more than 50k sessions per month and requiring 24X7 support.