Grafana Cloud

Release notes for Frontend Observability 1.4


  • Fix issue with Errors using the wrong time range under certain conditions
  • Fix flashing contents while loading the applications overview


  • Adding a link to the Errors inspector from the Errors overview page
  • Fix issue where Errors would remain stuck in a loading state on navigation change
  • Add dom content load handler time so users can see how long it took to execute framework code
  • Fix issue where ad-hoc filters weren’t automatically applying to queries
  • Update landing page layout and design
  • Update learn page and side menu
  • Refactor New App and Edit App form
  • Consolidate “Applications” and “Frontend” menu items


  • Adding the Learn page to the sidebar - find docs and guides there
  • Update value color for components showing static values in navigation timings panel
  • Adding CORS validation to the Settings page
  • Upgrade Faro to 1.7.3


  • Fix an issue where spark lines in the Page performance table and Error Awareness weren’t displaying
  • Linking to error awareness in the user-journey table resulted in an infinite loading spinner


  • User-journey table: only show action column to users who have editor permissions
  • User-journey table: Dynamically fetch selected Tempo datasource to use in actions column


  • Upgrade Faro to v1.7.0
  • Rename sections in navigation timings panel to remove ambiguity
  • Fix an issue where UI couldn’t process queries for time ranges greater than 15 days
  • Use new actions provided by the actions column in User journey table to continue investigation in other apps
  • Add custom events to the User journey table


  • Set default error value across plugin when no error message is present
  • Visualize loading and rendering performance for page loads in the User journey table
  • Add default and placeholder values to the Overview page performance table
  • Show values of custom measurements in User journey table
  • Display most recent sessions at the beginning of the Session table
  • Update loading and rendering performance visuals in the User journey table
  • Fix a situation where links to Error Awareness may be broken under certain conditions


  • Update Faro to v1.4.2
  • Add INP (interaction to next paint) web vital to Response Times charts
  • Update “Extra Log Labels” wording in settings to be “Default Attributes” to account for recent changes to Loki label ingestion
  • Added the ability to close the performance drawer with the escape key


  • Update Faro to v1.4.0
  • Add an interactive table and page performance drawer to overview page
  • Modernize web SDK configuration tab with new components
  • Use CDN embed snippets to use the latest Faro Web SDK version
  • Update pricing related text throughout app
  • Align loading styles of InteractiveTable with scenes panels