Grafana Cloud

Manage fair use query costs

As explained in the logs invoice topic, Grafana Cloud Logs pricing includes a fair use query policy that allows you to query up to 100x your ingested logs volume each month at no additional charge. Your query usage most likely will not exceed the fair use policy.

Grafana Labs has analyzed customer query patterns and developed the following recommendations for how to avoid the most common causes for exceeding the fair use policy..


One common source of excess queries is misconfigured Grafana/Loki-managed alerting rules, for example, querying one hour of data but running that query every one minute.

For alerting rules using the Loki data source:

  • Use instant queries instead of range queries for all rules. An instant query executes exactly one time and produces one data point for each series matched by your label selectors. Range queries are effectively instant queries executed multiple times. For more details, refer to the How to run faster Loki metric queries with more accurate results blog post.
  • Look at the evaluation period and interval period and make their intervals match the amount of time queried. That is, a rule that runs once per minute should have a query range of 1m.


We also recommend checking alert rules run by the scheduler (recorded queries).

How to view query usage

You can view query usage before you run a query. When you are writing queries in Explore, Grafana provides an estimate of how much data will be queried when you run your query.

Query estimate in Grafana Explore

You can use the Billing/Usage dashboard to view your current query ratio.

  1. From the Grafana main menu, click the Dashboard icon.
  2. Select the Billing/Usage dashboard.
  3. Scroll down to the Logs Ingestion and Query Details section.
  4. Expand the section and scroll to the Query Usage Ratio panel.

This stack has a query usage ratio of 18.0x, which is within the fair use ratio.

Query Usage Ratio in Billing/Usage dashboard