Grafana Cloud

Use load zones

Load zones represent different regions that you can use to run your tests from. You can use them to get a more accurate picture of what your users are seeing when they’re accessing your application from different parts of the world.

There are two different types of load zones:

  • Public load zones: These are available for all users, and they map to different AWS Cloud regions. You can use them by referring to the List of public zones.
  • Private load zones (PLZs): These are load zones that you can host inside your network. You can use them if you want to run your tests from a location that’s not included in the list of public load zones, or if you need to test an internal service that’s not exposed to the internet. For more details, refer to Set up private load zones.

Syntax to set load zones

Declare load zones in the object.

Each load zone has an object with a custom label for the key. Load zones have two properties:

  • loadZone, a string whose value must be one of the load zones, as listed in the next section.
  • percent, an integer declaring the percentage of the load that runs from the load zone.

The sum of the percentages must equal 100.

This example distributes load across two load zones, Ashburn and Dublin.

export const options = {
  cloud: {
    distribution: {
      distributionLabel1: { loadZone: 'amazon:us:ashburn', percent: 50 },
      distributionLabel2: { loadZone: 'amazon:ie:dublin', percent: 50 },

You can access the label of the load zone as an environment variable.

List of public load zones

  • US East (Ohio) - DEFAULT amazon:us:columbus
  • Africa (Cape Town) amazon:sa:cape town
  • Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) amazon:cn:hong kong
  • Asia Pacific (Mumbai) amazon:in:mumbai
  • Asia Pacific (Osaka) amazon:jp:osaka
  • Asia Pacific (Seoul) amazon:kr:seoul
  • Asia Pacific (Singapore) amazon:sg:singapore
  • Asia Pacific (Sydney) amazon:au:sydney
  • Asia Pacific (Tokyo) amazon:jp:tokyo
  • Canada (Montreal) amazon:ca:montreal
  • Europe (Frankfurt) amazon:de:frankfurt
  • Europe (Ireland) amazon:ie:dublin
  • Europe (London) amazon:gb:london
  • Europe (Milan) amazon:it:milan
  • Europe (Paris) amazon:fr:paris
  • Europe (Stockholm) amazon:se:stockholm
  • Middle East (Bahrain) amazon:bh:bahrain
  • South America (São Paulo) amazon:br:sao paulo
  • US West (N. California) amazon:us:palo alto
  • US West (Oregon) amazon:us:portland
  • US East (N. Virginia) amazon:us:ashburn