Grafana Cloud

Find and use Grafana plugins

Plugins extend Grafana by adding capabilities that are not already present. There are plugins that add the ability to import data from diverse sources, that bundle data sources and panels, and that provide new visualization types for use in dashboards.

To find new plugins, browse the Grafana plugins catalog which is available both within Grafana and on the Grafana website.

Installing plugins


Only plugins that are uploaded to the Grafana plugins catalog can be added to your Grafana Cloud instance. Private, custom-built, or third-party plugins that require manual uploading or manually modifying Grafana backend files cannot be installed on or used with Grafana Cloud. Refer to the Plugins policy for additional information.

You can install plugins to your Grafana cloud server from the Grafana plugins catalog. After you request an installation, it may take a few minutes for the plugin to become available. To ensure no loss of availability, a new instance is started in the background with the plugin installed. Refresh your browser window to determine when the plugin is ready for use.

Install a plugin from the Grafana website

  1. Browse the Grafana plugin catalog to find a plugin.
  2. Go to the Installation tab.
  3. Optional: select the desired version. We strongly recommended to run the latest version of plugins.
  4. Click Install plugin on the appropriate Grafana instance.

Install a plugin from Grafana


This feature is currently available in public preview.
  1. In Grafana’s right-hand menu, click Administration > Plugins and data > Plugins to view installed plugins.
  2. Click the All filter to browse all available plugins.
  3. Click the Data sources, Panels, or Applications buttons to filter by plugin type.
  4. Click the logo of the plugin you want to install.
  5. Click install.

Additional information

For more information on Grafana plugins, refer to the documentation.

When adding plugins, you may find this list of source IP addresses to add to your allowlist helpful.