Grafana Cloud

Manage and monitor SLOs

Manage and monitor your existing SLOs.

When you create a SLO, Grafana generates recording rules, dashboards, and alerts. The recording rules query your SLI and record it as a new metric, so that it is faster to query later.

Dashboards show the error budget, your alert status, and other metrics pertaining to your SLO.

Alerts indicate whether you are burning error budget too quickly.

Manage SLOs

View the details of your SLO, alert rules, and recording rules.

  1. Click SLO.

  2. To view an SLO, click an SLO from the list.

    The Review SLO screen opens and from there you can view the details of the SLO.

    Note: You can also find your SLO recording rules and alert rules in the Alerting application on the Alert rules page.

  3. To edit or delete an SLO, click Edit or Delete respectively.

Overview Monitoring of SLOs

Track the status of all your SLOs using the SLO Overview Dashboard. In a glance, quickly identify crucial operational information such as:

  • the number of SLIs that are performing above or below your SLO
  • the SLI performance over a selected time range
  • error budget remaining for each SLO

Note: you must have at least one or more SLOs created in order to access the SLO Overview Dashboard.

To access the SLO Overview Dashboard, click the View overview dashboard button on the SLO list view.

Individual Monitoring of SLOs

Track individual detailed status of your SLOs using the SLO Individual Dashboard. This view provides information such as:

  • a visualization of the SLI value, and snapshot values of the current SLI value and objective value
  • a visualization of the error budget trend and error budget burn rate, and the error budget remaining
  • links to any active SLO alerts

There are three ways of accessing the dashboards for your SLOs.

  1. From the SLO list view, click View dashboard.

  2. Click Dashboards and search for the dashboard using your SLO name or SLO tag.

  3. From the SLO Overview Dashboard, click on the Name of a SLO.

Generating Reports of SLO Dashboards

From the SLO Overview Dashboard or SLO Individual Dashboards, you can easily share your dashboard and generate reporting. Currently this is available in Grafana Cloud Pro and Advanced and in Grafana Enterprise. Learn more here.