Grafana Cloud

Release notes for Frontend Observability 1.2


  • Fix issue where wrong thresholds where used in the Interaction to Next Paint (INP)
  • Fix issue where the data source selection would not persist when switching between pages


  • Remove the “distinct” operator from all Loki queries because it has been removed in the next Loki cloud release

1.2.8 (hotfix)

  • Fix small correction to data source selector fix


  • Fix issue with app card list in light mode
  • Use GCOM to verify the correct Loki data source is used

1.2.6 (hotfix)

  • Respect new naming scheme for internal Faro RUM event names in User Journey table
  • Add null checks in the frontend to prevent errors when the backend returns null values
  • Remove ms unit form CLS stats panels


  • Show Interaction To Next Paint Web Vital in Overview and Session Details dashboards
  • Change app cards visuals
  • Show event attributes in User Journey table


  • Tables in the Session Details view now have a default height so they don’t appear squished on small screens
  • Web Vitals panels now are fixed to two decimal places
  • Show a spark chart alongside the value in for each web vital in the Overview dashboard
  • Change the automatic data source selection time-range to 24h
  • Ensure that it is not possible to show multiple values in a single stats item
  • Load fetch events in user Journey table


  • Error awareness automatically selects the correct data source


  • Dynamically select the correct Loki data source on app mount

1.2.1 (hotfix)

  • Add Loki data source selector when more than one Loki instance is provisioned to a stack


  • Frontend Observability is now GA
  • Update faro to latest version
  • Refactor dashboards to use Grafana scenes library
  • Add Perf.Timeline and Fetch instrumentations to faro
  • Add rudderstack instrumentation
  • Page loads panel should not be stacked
  • Fix dashboard filters containing special characters