Grafana Cloud

Understand your Grafana Cloud Users invoice

A Grafana user is defined as a person with access to a Grafana instance. Grafana users are billed based on monthly active users. Service Accounts are not considered billable active users.

Active usage definition

A Grafana user is considered active if they log in to a Grafana instance during the billing month. Users are only billed once per month across all stacks in your account.

Monthly active user counts reset to zero at the start of each calendar month. Refer to the Billing/Usage dashboard to monitor your active user count and estimated costs.

Enterprise Plugin Add-On

If the optional Enterprise data source plugin add-on is enabled, the plugin cost applies to all active users per calendar month. To compare available plans, visit the pricing page. To review installed Enterprise plugins, go to the Manage Plan page in your Cloud Portal and review the Enterprise plugins add-on section.