Grafana Cloud

Usage reports

The Usage report helps you keep track of everything happening in your organization and see how different projects, team, and contributors are impacting your overall usage.

To view the Usage report, go to Manage > Usage reports.

k6 Cloud - Usage reports

Usage report breakdown

The Usage report has three sections: filters, organization statistics, and project statistics.


The filters section allows you to narrow down the results by period, projects, and contributors.

PeriodThe time range to filter projects with test runs in this period. You can select a specific date and time range or one of the options from the quick ranges list.
ProjectsThe project(s) to filter by.
ContributorsThe contributor(s) to filter by.

Organization statistics

An overview of the statistics for your organization.

Active projectsTotal count of projects that contain at least one test run.
Tests createdTotal count of tests created.
VU hoursTotal number of virtual user hours consumed.
Failed by threshold rateThe rate of failed tests.
ContributorsTotal count of members who have run at least one test.

Project statistics

An overview of the statistics for each project. You can click on the column headers to sort the table alphabetically or numerically.

ProjectThe project that the stats are collected from.
Total test runsTotal count of test runs started.
VU hoursTotal number of virtual user hours consumed by the project.
Failed by threshold rateThe rate of failed tests in the project.
Most recent test runLink to the most recent test run in the project.
ContributorsAll members that have started tests in the project.

Tests that count as failed

Tests that meet any of the following criteria contribute to the Failed by threshold rate:

  • The test was aborted by any of the following statuses: Aborted system, Aborted limit, Aborted user, Aborted threshold, or Aborted script error.
  • The test ran to completion but had failed thresholds (specified by the user).
  • The test timed out.