Grafana Cloud

Manage pre-defined dashboards

Asserts provides a collection of pre-defined dashboards for various entity types such as Services, Pods, Nodes, and more. Asserts also includes a range of community dashboards tailored for different frameworks like JVM, Go, Kafka, and others.

This topic describes how pre-defined dashboards work and shows you how to link a custom dashboard to an entity.

Understanding pre-defined dashboards

Asserts automatically builds dashboards based on entities it detects in your environment. Because pre-defined dashboards are a byproduct of the discovery process, when entities in your IT environment change, the queries that generate your dashboard also change. As a result, you don’t need to manually update pre-defined dashboards when your underlying infrastructure changes.

Each entity type includes the same pre-defined dashboards. For example, all instances of a Pod include the following dashboards:

  • Logs
  • Traces
  • Pod KPI
  • Kubernetes Pod
  • Properties

If required, you can link a custom dashboard to an entity type or an entity. Be aware that custom dashboards don’t automatically update when your infrastructure changes.

You can find the list of pre-defined dashboards in the Asserts Dashboards folder. The following image shows the Asserts pre-defined dashboards available in Grafana Cloud.

List of Asserts dashboards available in Grafana Cloud


Don’t modify pre-defined dashboards. If you want to change a pre-defined dashboard, make a copy and then update it.

To navigate to pre-defined dashboards, click Pre-defined dashboard icon.

This icon is available in a variety of locations within Asserts.

The following image shows a pre-defined dashboard opened from within the Entity Explorer.

Pre-defined dashboards opened within Entity Explorer

This section shows you how to link a custom dashboard to an Asserts entity or entity type so that it appears when you click the KPI icon in Asserts.

Before you begin

  • Create the dashboard that you want to link to an entity.


To link a custom dashboard, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign into Grafana Cloud and click Asserts > Configuration.

  2. In the Dashboard Name field, select the dashboard you want to link.

  3. In the Entity Type field, select an entity type.

  4. In the Query to link Dashboard to Entity Type field, enter a query.

    To restrict the scope of linking, you can enter a PromQL query. This ensures that only entities with labels that match the query results are linked.

  5. To specify the dashboard as the default, click Make as Primary Dashboard.

  6. Click Add New.