Grafana Cloud

Release notes for Application Observability plugin 1.26.0

Released on 2024-06-19.


  • Optimized service inventory loading. It now loads in two stages, with service metadata loading first, then RED metrics for currently visible services loading in as a second stage. This makes services show up faster and enables handling much larger data sets without running into performance issues. However it’s no longer possible to sort by RED metric values.
  • Reworked logs page scope validation. It is now more lenient towards manual query changes, as long as label filters for currently selected service are not removed.
  • Service namespace filter now lists “(empty)” as an option, allowing to filter out services without a namespace.
  • Fixed bug in service overview where it was not possible to toggle off baseline comparison feature.
  • “Traces” button from exemplar in uninstrumented service overview now links to explore instead of non-existing traces page.