Grafana Cloud

HCP Vault integration for Grafana Cloud

HashiCorp Vault helps organizations reduce the risk of breaches and data exposure with identity-based security automation and encryption as a service. Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and other secrets in modern computing. This integration connects your Vault instance running in HashiCorp Cloud Platform to your Grafana Cloud instance to visualize metrics with pre-built dashboards.

HCP Vault mixin
HCP Vault docs
This integration includes 1 pre-built dashboard to help monitor and visualize HCP Vault metrics and logs.


The HCP Vault integration installs the following dashboards in your Grafana Cloud instance to help monitor your system.

  • Hashicorp Vault


The most important metrics provided by the HCP Vault integration, which are used on the pre-built dashboard, are as follows:

  • up
  • vault_audit_log_request_count
  • vault_audit_log_request_failure
  • vault_audit_log_response_count
  • vault_audit_log_response_failure
  • vault_consul_delete_count
  • vault_consul_get_count
  • vault_consul_list_count
  • vault_consul_put_count
  • vault_core_handle_request_count
  • vault_core_unsealed
  • vault_expire_num_leases
  • vault_identity_num_entities
  • vault_policy_get_policy_count
  • vault_policy_set_policy_count
  • vault_runtime_alloc_bytes
  • vault_runtime_heap_objects
  • vault_runtime_malloc_count
  • vault_runtime_num_goroutines
  • vault_secret_kv_count
  • vault_token_count
  • vault_token_count_by_auth
  • vault_token_count_by_policy
  • vault_token_count_by_ttl
  • vault_token_create_count
  • vault_token_creation
  • vault_token_lookup_count
  • vault_token_store_count


# 0.0.2 - August 2023

* Add regex filter for logs datasource

# 0.0.1 - April 2021

* Initial release


By connecting your HCP Vault instance to Grafana Cloud, you might incur charges. To view information on the number of active series that your Grafana Cloud account uses for metrics included in each Cloud tier, see Active series and dpm usage and Cloud tier pricing.