Grafana Cloud

Configure an Additional Grafana Mimir Data Source for Grafana SLO

You can create Grafana SLOs with Grafana Mimir data sources. To use a Grafana Mimir data source, verify that the Cloud Acess policy has the appropriate scopes and that the Ruler API on the Grafana Mimir data source is enabled.


The Grafana Mimir that comes with Grafana Cloud accounts are already configured appropriately to support the Ruler API configuration requirements.

Before you begin

  • Verify that you have Query permissions to the Grafana Mimir data source. You can verify for permissions in the data source configuration.
  • Make sure you have a Grafana Cloud Access Policy with the following scopes: metrics:read, rules:read and rules:write over the appropriate realms.
  • To verify that the Ruler API is enabled, ensure that the -ruler.enable-api CLI flag is enabled. Note that Grafana expects that both the Query API and Ruler API are under the same URL to ensure that data source-managed alerts can function properly. You cannot provide a separate URL for the Ruler API. If you are using a Grafana Mimir that comes with Grafana Cloud, it already has the Ruler API enabled.

Add new Grafana Mimir Data Source for your SLO

To add a Grafana Mimir data source to use with your SLO, you first need to add it as a data source in Grafana.

  1. In the Grafana Cloud sidebar, click Connections and then Data sources.

  2. Click Add data source.

  3. In the list of data sources, click Prometheus. The Prometheus data source configuration page opens.

  4. Enter a name for the data source.

  5. Enter the Prometheus server URL for the Grafana Mimir data source you want to use.

  6. Enter the authentication details from the Grafana Mimir data source into your new data source. If using a Cloud Access Policy, please follow the instructions here for how to authorize Mimir to use a particular access policy.

  7. In the Performance section of your new data source, click on the Prometheus type dropdown and select Mimir.

  8. Click Save & test. The message “Successfully queried the Prometheus API” displays.

You can now select the new Grafana Mimir data source from the Select data source section of the Create SLO wizard.