Grafana Cloud

Release notes for Frontend Observability 1.0


  • Frontend Observability faro-web-sdk instrumentation now sends telemetry to the correct stack (dev, ops, or prod based on where the plugin is deployed)



  • Instrument the Frontend Observability plugin with the faro-web-sdk
  • Rebrand Application Observability to Frontend Observability
  • Cancelling out of the “edit app” form takes the user back to the overview dashboard for that app
  • Fix issues with Errors dashboard table and Error Awareness data source selections
  • Fix inconsistent behavior of Error Awareness “last seen” and sparkline features


  • Improve dashboard styles and accuracy
  • Update app listing card


  • Add more error details to Error Awareness, add more sorting options

  • Onboarding visual updates


  • Filter dashboards from table values
  • Add linkages between Frontend Applications and Error Awareness and vice-versa
  • Change role required to add, edit, and delete an application to Editor instead of Admin
  • Ensure filters can always be removed even if options fail to load
  • Fix top exceptions table link expression
  • Update web sdk instruction snippet styles

1.0.7 (hotfix)

  • Change unpkg URL to always refer to a recent build


  • Add dynamic filters to frontend app dashboards
  • Add tracing installation instructions
  • Add syntax highlighting to web SDK configuration snippet
  • Add preliminary version of Error Awareness feature


  • Add link to relevant logs to top exceptions table
  • Resolve accessibility issues by properly labeling several inputs


  • Toggle series visibility on panel legend label click


  • Update dashboard time range on panel drag and select
  • Disable time picker/refetch interval when not on tabs with data visualizations
  • Adding tooltips to web vital tiles to provide more details as to what they represent
  • Add copy to clipboard button to install code snippet
  • Change time range selector to fix broken toolbar layout


  • Improve app form CORS tooltip details, consolidate and cleanup navigation and action bar UX
  • Fix panel auto-refresh bug and persist user selections for time range and refresh interval
  • Update documentation link and include instructions for using the Web SDK via a CDN


  • Improve app configuration form validation to handle empty values
  • Add feedback/docs links, add logo, and add beta badge
  • JSON dashboard -> application dashboard component


  • Launched Frontend Observability for private preview users
  • Overview and Errors pages for visualizing application web vitals, errors, and traces captured by the Faro Web SDK
  • Settings page for configuring the CORS and static label configurations for a given application
  • Configuration wizard for easily instrumenting your JavaScript applications with Faro