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Testing and synthetics

Grafana Cloud testing tools enable you to proactively test production and pre-production environments, preventing errors and improving application reliability, performance, and availability.


Preventing incidents is more cost-effective than fixing them. Test often and continuously with Grafana Cloud to detect issues early and ship with confidence.

Grafana Cloud testing tools empower engineering teams to establish a continuous testing process that enhances their reliability goals. Performance Testing and Synthetic Monitoring help implement a proactive approach to ensure SLOs and SLAs are met, preventing errors before they impact users and customers.

All within the same Grafana you and your team know and use every day.

Test results integrate with the Grafana observability stack and other Grafana tools, allowing you to monitor results and correlate data with your existing Grafana dashboards. These integrations are crucial for quickly identifying and addressing the root causes of issues within Grafana.