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Grafana k6

Grafana k6 is an open-source, developer-friendly, and extensible load testing tool. k6 allows you to prevent performance issues and proactively improve reliability.


Using k6, you can test the reliability and performance of your application and infrastructure.

k6 helps engineering teams prevent errors and SLO breaches, enabling them to build resilient and high-performing applications that scale.

Engineering teams, including Developers, QA Engineers, SDETs, and SREs, commonly use k6 for:

  • Load and performance testing

    k6 is optimized for minimal resource consumption and designed for running high-load performance tests such as spike, stress, or soak tests.

  • Browser performance testing

    Through the k6 browser API, you can run browser-based performance tests and collect browser metrics to identify performance issues related to browsers. Additionally, you can mix browser tests with other performance tests to get a comprehensive view of your website’s performance.

  • Performance and synthetic monitoring

    You can schedule tests to run with minimal load very frequently, continuously validating the performance and availability of your production environment. For this, you can also use Grafana Cloud Synthetic Monitoring, which supports running k6 scripts.

  • Automation of performance tests

    k6 integrates seamlessly with CI/CD and automation tools, enabling engineering teams to automate performance testing as part of their development and release cycle.

  • Chaos and resilience testing

    You can use k6 to simulate traffic as part of your chaos experiments, trigger them from your k6 tests or inject different types of faults in Kubernetes with xk6-disruptor.

  • Infrastructure testing

    With k6 extensions, you can add support to k6 for new protocols or use a particular client to directly test individual systems within your infrastructure.

Watch the video below to learn more about k6 and why it could be the missing puzzle in your Grafana stack.