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Response.clickLink( [params] )

Create and make a request corresponding to a link, found in the HTML of response, being clicked. By default it will look for the first a tag with a href attribute in the HTML, but this can be overridden using the selector option.

This method takes an object argument where the following properties can be set:

selectorstringA selector string passed to Selection.find(selector) to locate the link to click. By default this is "a[href]".
paramsobjectA Params object that will be forwarded to the link click request. Can be used to set headers, cookies etc.


ResponseThe link click response


import http from 'k6/http';

export default function () {
  // Request page with links
  let res = http.get('');

  // Now, click the 4th link on the page
  res = res.clickLink({ selector: 'a:nth-child(4)' });