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Grafana Enterprise Traces

Grafana Enterprise Traces

Grafana Enterprise Traces (GET) is a commercial offering based on the open-source project Tempo. The commercial offering allows you to deploy a highly scalable, simple, and reliable distributed tracing store in your own data center.


GET provides all of Tempo’s capabilities, plus features like:

  • Tenant management: Easily scale from one to hundreds of tenants within a single GET cluster. Each tenant resides in an isolated, logical portion of the cluster, isolated from other tenants. Operators have full control over the tenants in their cluster, either by using the built-in API, or by using the official GET plugin.
  • Token-based authentication: Create and manage tokens with configurable access parameters and scopes to interact with tenants in your cluster.
  • Cross-cluster and cross-tenant query federation: Aggregate data from multiple GET clusters and/or tenants in a single query using the federation-frontend.
  • OSS Tempo compatibility: Seamlessly drop a GET binary into an existing Tempo deployment.

To purchase or obtain a trial license, contact the Grafana Labs Sales Team.


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