Version 1.3 release notes

Grafana Enterprise Traces (GET) is an enterprise-ready version of Tempo. It takes everything you know and love about Tempo, Grafana Lab’s open source distributed tracing store, and adds all the additional functionality you’d need to run it at a large enterprise.

GET 1.3 is built off Tempo v1.4.1. so it inherits all the features, enhancements, and bug fixes of the upstream project. Refer to the Tempo v1.4 release notes.

GET is fully Tempo-compatible, which means you can use a GET 1.3 binary in a 1.4.1 deployment with no changes.

Features and enhancements

This release includes dependency and documentation updates.

  • The newly released version 3 of the Admin API removes the ability to hard delete tenants, access policies, and tokens via the Admin API. Instead, when users no longer want a tenant, access policy, or token, they’re expected to soft delete it by marking it “inactive.” Moving to soft deletes allows us to eliminate race conditions and cache invalidation issues that caused unexpected behavior with hard deletes. For details on the version 3 API, see the Admin API documentation.

Upstream Tempo details

Tempo Hash: d3880a979cbde1089ae29bbdf6916879bc5b0aa0 Tempo Version: 1.4.1