Version 1.0 release notes

Grafana Labs is excited to announce the first release of Grafana Enterprise Traces (GET).

GET is an enterprise-ready version of Tempo. It takes everything you know and love about Tempo, Grafana Lab’s open source distributed tracing store, and adds all the additional functionality you’d need to run it at a large enterprise.

GET 1.0 builds off Tempo v1.2 and inherits all the features, enhancements, and bug fixes of the upstream project. Refer to the Tempo v1.2 release notes.

GET is fully Tempo-compatible, which means a GET 1.0 binary can be dropped into a Tempo 1.2 deployment with no changes.

Features and enhancements

  • Tenant management: With GET’s native multi-tenancy, a single cluster can easily support hundreds of teams at an organization. By assigning each team to a tenant, they get their own isolated, logical partition of the cluster. Quickly onboard new teams at your organization via GET’s Admin API or administrative plug-in, both of which make it easy to create and manage tenants.
  • Fine-grained access control: GET allows you to create, edit, and delete access policies that define access to the cluster. GET operators can configure the realm of the access (what tenant the realm applies to) and the scope of access (what action to allow, such as read, write, or administrator) granted.
  • Token-based authentication: Create, configure, and manage tokens that map to specific access policies to ensure that only humans or machines with valid credentials are authorized to access the cluster.
  • Cross-cluster query federation: With one query, GET users can search multiple GET clusters at once for a given trace ID. GET then aggregates the results before returning them to the user, providing a global view of traces across multiple clusters.
  • Grafana administrative plugin: GET ships with a Grafana plugin that allows administrators to manage tenants, access policies, and tokens with a user interface. The plugin also displays information about your GET deployment, including its current configuration settings and license details.