Version 2.2 release notes

Grafana Enterprise Traces (GET) 2.2 is built off Tempo 2.2, so it inherits all the features, enhancements, and bug fixes of the upstream project. As a result, we recommend that you read the Tempo 2.2 release notes for a description of the most notable changes.

Note: Tempo 2.2 has implemented a GPRC streaming endpoint for TraceQL queries. This capability is not yet supported in GET.

GET is built to be fully Tempo-compatible, which means a GET 2.2 binary can be dropped into an existing Tempo 2.2 deployment with minimal changes.

Features and enhancements

  • GET can perform cross-tenant and cross-cluster queries using the optional federation-frontend service. This release makes the following changes to this service:
    • Expose per-target TLS settings
    • Add /api/echo endpoint. This fixes an error message that the user would have seen when configuring Grafana to query GET.

Bug fixes

Version 2.2.1 includes the following fix:

  • Fix to correctly set the Host header for each proxy in the federation frontend
  • Fix to correctly set Authorization header user name for each tenant in the federation frontend