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Grafana Alloy

Grafana Alloy

Grafana Alloy is a vendor-neutral distribution of the OpenTelemetry (OTel) Collector. Alloy uniquely combines the very best OSS observability signals in the community.


Alloy offers native pipelines for OTel, Prometheus, Pyroscope, Loki, and many other metrics, logs, traces, and profile tools. In addition, you can use Alloy pipelines to do different tasks, such as configure alert rules in Loki and Mimir. Alloy is fully compatible with the OTel Collector, Prometheus Agent, and Promtail. You can use Alloy as an alternative to either of these solutions or combine it into a hybrid system of multiple collectors and agents. You can deploy Alloy anywhere within your IT infrastructure and pair it with your Grafana LGTM stack, a telemetry backend from Grafana Cloud, or any other compatible backend from any other vendor. Alloy is flexible, and you can easily configure it to fit your needs in on-prem, cloud-only, or a mix of both.


Alloy uses the same components, code, and concepts that were first introduced in Grafana Agent Flow.

What can Alloy do?

Alloy is more than just observability signals like metrics, logs, and traces. It provides many features that help you quickly find and process your data in complex environments. Some of these features include custom components, GitOps compatibility, clustering support, security, and debugging utilities. Refer to the Alloy Introduction for more information on these and other key features.