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BrowserContexts provide a way to operate multiple independent sessions, with separate pages, cache, and cookies. A default BrowserContext is created when a browser is launched.

The browser module API is used to create a new BrowserContext.

If a page opens another page, e.g. with a call, the popup will belong to the parent page’s BrowserContext.

addCookies()Adds cookies into the BrowserContext.
addInitScript()Adds a script that will be evaluated on page creation, frame attached or a navigation occurs.
clearCookies()Clear the BrowserContext’s cookies.
clearPermissions()Clears all permission overrides for the BrowserContext.
cookies()Returns a list of cookies from the BrowserContext.
close()Close the BrowserContext and all its pages.
grantPermissions(permissions[, options])Grants specified permissions to the BrowserContext.
newPage()Uses the BrowserContext to create a new Page and returns it.
pages() Returns a list of pages that belongs to the BrowserContext.
setDefaultNavigationTimeout(timeout)Sets the default navigation timeout in milliseconds.
setDefaultTimeout(timeout)Sets the default maximum timeout for all methods accepting a timeout option in milliseconds.
setGeolocation(geolocation) Sets the BrowserContext’s geolocation.
setOffline(offline)Toggles the BrowserContext’s connectivity on/off.
waitForEvent(event[, optionsOrPredicate])Waits for the event to fire and passes its value into the predicate function.