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Client.srem(key, members)

Removes the specified members from the set stored at key. Specified members that are not a member of this set are ignored. If key does not exist, it is treated as an empty set and this command returns 0.


keystringkey holding the set to remove the members from.
membersa variadic array of strings, numbers, or booleansmembers to remove from the set.


TypeResolves withRejected when
Promise<number>On success, the promise resolves with the number of members that were remove from the set, not including non existing members.


import redis from 'k6/experimental/redis';

// Instantiate a new redis client
const redisClient = new redis.Client('redis://localhost:6379');

export default async function () {
  await redisClient.sadd('myset', 'foo');
  await redisClient.sadd('myset', 'bar');
  await redisClient.srem('myset', 'foo');

  const members = await redisClient.smembers('myset');
  if (members.length !== 1) {
    throw new Error('sismember should have length 1');