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Client.hincrby(key, field, increment)

Increments the integer value of field in the hash stored at key by increment. If key does not exist, a new key holding a hash is created. If field does not exist the value is set to 0 before the operation is set to 0 before the operation is performed.


keystringkey holding the hash to increment the field of.
fieldstringfield to increment in the hash.
incrementnumberamount to increment the field by.


TypeResolves withRejected when
Promise<number>On success, the promise resolves with the value at field after the increment operation.


import redis from 'k6/experimental/redis';

// Instantiate a new redis client
const redisClient = new redis.Client('redis://localhost:6379');

export default async function () {
  await redisClient.hset('myhash', 'myfield', 10);
  await redisClient.hincrby('myhash', 'myfield', 20);