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Client.rpush(key, values)

Inserts all the specified values at the tail of the list stored at key. If key does not exist, it is created as empty list before performing the push operation.


keystringkey holding the list to right push to.
valuesa variadic array of strings, numbers, or booleansvalues to push to the list.


TypeResolves withRejected when
Promise<number>On success, the promise resolves with the length of the list after the push operation.When key holds a value that is not a list, the promise is rejected with an error.


import redis from 'k6/experimental/redis';

// Instantiate a new redis client
const redisClient = new redis.Client('redis://localhost:6379');

export default async function () {
  await redisClient.lpush('mylist', 'first');
  await redisClient.rpush('mylist', 'second');

  const item = await redisClient.lpop('mylist');
  await redisClient.rpush('mylist', item);
  await redisClient.rpop('mylist');