DocumentationGrafana k6JavaScript APIk6/browserFramewaitForSelector(selector[, options])
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waitForSelector(selector[, options])


Use web assertions that assert visibility or a locator-based locator.waitFor([options]) instead.

Returns when element specified by selector satisfies state option.

selectorstring''A selector to search for an element. If there are multiple elements satisfying the selector, the first will be used.
options.statestringvisibleCan be either attached, detached, visible, hidden See Element states for more details.
options.strictbooleanfalseWhen true, the call requires selector to resolve to a single element. If given selector resolves to more than one element, the call throws an exception.
options.timeoutnumber30000Maximum time in milliseconds. Pass 0 to disable the timeout. Default is overridden by the setDefaultTimeout option on BrowserContext or Page.

Element states

Element states can be either:

  • 'attached' - wait for element to be present in DOM.
  • 'detached' - wait for element to not be present in DOM.
  • 'visible' - wait for element to have non-empty bounding box and no visibility:hidden.
  • 'hidden' - wait for element to be either detached from DOM, or have an empty bounding box or visibility:hidden.


Promise<ElementHandle | null>A Promise that fulfills with the ElementHandle when a matching element is found, or null if the element is not found.