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SystemsManagerParameter.* methods querying the Systems Manager Service parameters return some SystemsManagerParameter instances. Namely, getParameter returns an array of SystemsManagerParameter objects. The SystemsManagerParameter object describes an Amazon Systems Manager Service parameter.

SystemsManagerParameter.arnstringThe Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the parameter
SystemsManagerParameter.dataTypestringThe data type of the parameter, such as text or aws:ec2:image. The default is text.
SystemsManagerParameter.lastModifiedDatenumberDate the parameter was last changed or updated and the parameter version was created.
SystemsManagerParameter.namestringThe friendly name of the parameter.
SystemsManagerParameter.selectorstringEither the version number or the label used to retrieve the parameter value
SystemsManagerParameter.sourceResultstringThe raw result or response from the source.
SystemsManagerParameter.typestringThe type of parameter
SystemsManagerParameter.valuestringThe parameter value
SystemsManagerParameter.versionstringThe parameter version


import exec from 'k6/execution';

import { AWSConfig, SystemsManagerClient } from '';

const awsConfig = new AWSConfig({
  region: __ENV.AWS_REGION,
  accessKeyId: __ENV.AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID,
  secretAccessKey: __ENV.AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY,
  sessionToken: __ENV.AWS_SESSION_TOKEN,

const systemsManager = new SystemsManagerClient(awsConfig);
const testParameterName = 'jslib-test-parameter';
const testParameterValue = 'jslib-test-value';
const testParameterSecretName = 'jslib-test-parameter-secret';
// this value was created with --type SecureString
const testParameterSecretValue = 'jslib-test-secret-value';

export default async function () {
  // Currently the parameter needs to be created before hand

  // Let's get its value
  // getParameter returns a parameter object: e.g. {name: string, value: string...}
  const parameter = await systemsManager.getParameter(testParameterName);
  if (parameter.value !== testParameterValue) {
    exec.test.abort('test parameter not found');

  // Let's get the secret value with decryption
  // destructure the parameter object to get to the values you want
  const { value: encryptedParameterValue } = await systemsManager.getParameter(
  if (encryptedParameterValue !== testParameterSecretValue) {
    exec.test.abort('encrypted test parameter not found');

A k6 script querying a user Systems Manager Service parameter