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Response represents a response received by the page.


This API is a work in progress. Some of the following functionalities might behave unexpectedly.

Supported APIs

allHeaders() Returns an object of headers associated to the response including headers added by the browser.
body()Returns the response body.
frame()The Frame that initiated the request which this response is associated to.
headers()Returns an object of headers associated to the response.
headersArray()An array with all the response HTTP headers.
headerValue(name)Returns the value of the header matching the name. The name is case insensitive.
headerValues(name)Returns all values of the headers matching the name, for example set-cookie. The name is case insensitive.
json()Returns the JSON representation of response body.
ok()Returns a boolean stating whether the response was successful or not.
request()Returns the matching Request object.
securityDetails()Returns SSL and other security information.
serverAddr()Returns the IP address and port of the server for this response.
status()Contains the status code of the response (e.g., 200 for a success).
statusText()Contains the status text of the response (e.g. usually an “OK” for a success).
size()The size of the response body and the headers.
text()Returns the response body as a string.
url()URL of the response.


import { browser } from 'k6/browser';

export const options = {
  scenarios: {
    ui: {
      executor: 'shared-iterations',
      options: {
        browser: {
          type: 'chromium',

export default async function () {
  const page = await browser.newPage();

  try {
    // Response returned once goto resolves.
    const res = await page.goto('');
  } finally {
    await page.close();