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k6 resources

The docs aim to cover everything necessary to use the core k6 products in your daily operational work. But scripting and testing are skills that take time to learn. What’s more, k6 is an extensible tool, already incorporated with many other functionalities and protocols.

These resources help you write and run k6 tests in a safe environment and explore how to use k6 with other applications.


  • Get started with k6 tutorial. The getting started tutorial provides some procedures for common real-life uses of k6 and does not require prior knowledge of k6 or JavaScript

  • k6 Learn. A repository with a course and a ton of learning resources

  • k6 YouTube channel. Office hours, specific playlists, and other interesting videos from the community.

  • Awesome k6. A list of awesome stuff about k6.

  • Examples. A directory full of example k6 scripts for different use cases.


Test servers

If you need a place to learn k6 and test your scripts, you can use these playground/demo servers:

Note that these are shared testing environments - please avoid high-load tests. Alternatively, you can deploy and host them on your infrastructure and run the examples in the repository.

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