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Integrations & Tools

Test authoring

Codeless tools to speed up the test creation.

  • Test Builder - Inspired by the Postman API Builder. Codeless UI tool to generate a k6 test quickly.
  • Browser Recorder - Record a user journey to create your k6 test.

IDE extensions

Code k6 scripts in your IDE of choice. Empower your development workflow with IDE extensions.


Generate a k6 script quickly from an existing file.

Result store and visualization

k6 can output test results to various formats and 3rd-party services.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

By automating load testing with your CI / CD tools, you can quickly see when a code change has introduced a performance regression.

Chaos engineering

  • Steadybit - Using k6 and Steadybit for chaos engineering.
  • xk6-disruptor - A k6 extension for injecting faults into k6 tests.
  • ChaosToolkit - A collection of k6 actions and probes.
  • LitmusChaos - Simulate load generation to the target application as a part of chaos testing on Kubernetes using Litmus.

Test management

  • Azure Test Plan - k6 load testing with Azure DevOps.
  • TestRail - Introducing TestRail in your k6 tests.
  • Testkube - Load testing with Testkube.
  • Tracetest - Trace-based testing with Tracetest.
  • Xray - Using Xray to validate test results in JIRA.

Reach out to us if you have a tool or add-on that works well with k6, and we will list it here!