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With the Dynatrace k6 extension, you can send visualize and correlate performance testing metrics with the other metrics that you monitor in Dynatrace.

Build the k6 version

To build a k6 binary with the extension, first, make sure you have Go and Git installed on your machine.

Then, open your terminal and run the following commands:

# Install xk6
go install

# Build the k6 binary
xk6 build --with

... [INFO] Build environment ready
... [INFO] Building k6
... [INFO] Build complete: ./k6

xk6 will create the new k6 binary in the local folder.


To learn more about how to build custom k6 versions, check out xk6.

Run the test

Create a Dynatrace API token to send the data.


The Dynatrace API Token must have the scope name “metrics.ingest” (scope type API v2).

You can use the Dynatrace UI:

Dynatrace API token

Or a curl command (replace <environment-id> and the Api-Token):

curl -X POST "https://<environment-id>" -H "accept: application/json; charset=utf-8" -H "Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8" -d "{\"name\":\"\",\"scopes\":[\"metrics.ingest\"]}" -H "Authorization: Api-Token XXXXXXXX"

Use the previously built k6 binary and run the test passing the Dynatrace URL and API token as follows:

# export dynatrace variables
export K6_DYNATRACE_URL=https://<environmentid>
export K6_DYNATRACE_APITOKEN=<Dynatrace API token>

# run the test
./k6 run script.js -o output-dynatrace

Check the metrics in your Dynatrace environment, filtering for k6:

Dynatrace Test result

Dynatrace Test result


When streaming the k6 results to Dynatrace, you can configure the following Dynatrace options:

K6_DYNATRACE_APITOKENDynatrace API token to write the metrics. The token must have the scope metrics.ingest API v2.
K6_DYNATRACE_FLUSH_PERIODDefine how often metrics are sent to Dynatrace. The default value is 1 second.
K6_DYNATRACE_URLDynatrace URL. The default value is
K6_DYNATRACE_INSECURE_SKIP_TLS_VERIFYIf true, the HTTP client skips TLS verification on the endpoint. The default value is true.
K6_DYNATRACE_HEADER_<here-the-header-key>Additional headers to include in the HTTP requests. K6_DYNATRACE_HEADER_COOL_HEADER="cool value of the header"