Grafana Cloud

Cloud IPs

It helps to know what IPs are associated with Grafana k6 cloud tests. For example, you could use the IPs to identify traffic sources, or to bypass network rate limits.

IP addresses used by the k6 app

k6 uses AWS for load generators. For the IP addresses used in the different load zones and filtering methods, refer directly to the Amazon IP ranges. Generally, the app and documentation refer to geographically distributed load generators as load zones.

The zone codes are mapped as follows:

  • af-south-1: Cape Town
  • ap-east-1: Hong Kong
  • ap-northeast-1: Tokyo
  • ap-northeast-2: Seoul
  • ap-northeast-3: Osaka
  • ap-southeast-1: Singapore
  • ap-southeast-2: Sydney
  • ap-south-1: Mumbai
  • ca-central-1: Montreal
  • eu-north-1: Stockholm
  • eu-central-1: Frankfurt
  • eu-south-1: Milan
  • eu-west-1: Dublin
  • eu-west-2: London
  • eu-west-3: Paris
  • me-south-1: Bahrain
  • us-east1: Ashburn
  • us-east-2: Columbus
  • us-west-1: Palo Alto
  • us-west-2: Portland
  • sa-east-1: São Paulo

Static IPs

Refer to Manage static IPs for more details on how to purchase and use static IPs.