Grafana Cloud

Reconcile invoices

To reconcile the dollar amounts on your invoices with those on the Billing/Usage dashboard, set the dashboard time-picker to a few hours after midnight UTC at month end. This is necessary because the billing script that generates the final bill runs after month end (UTC), and the metrics used to render dollar amount panels on the dashboard (for example, grafanacloud_org_metrics_overage) are written from the results of the billing script.

Graph of ‘Logs additional usage amount’ resetting from approx $25k back to zero at around 01:20 AM


The bill itself is calculated with data taken from exactly midnight at month start to midnight at month end (UTC). As an example, the underlying raw usage metric grafanacloud_instance_active_series is an input to the billing calculation, and is queried from exactly month start to month end (UTC) by the billing script.