Grafana Cloud

Set up Grafana SLO

To get started with Grafana SLO, a Grafana Cloud Admin neeeds to initialize Grafana SLO.

Grafana SLO is available to Grafana Cloud Pro and Advanced users.

Note: If you’re not already using Grafana Cloud, create a free account to get started. Each account starts with a 14-day trial of Grafana Cloud Pro.

Initialize Grafana SLO

To install Grafana SLO, complete the following steps.

  1. Go to Alerts&IRM -> Grafana SLO.

  2. Click Initialize SLO.

    Initializing the plugin automatically sets up the plugin and creates a service account token to create and update dashboards.

    The default data source is displayed.

    It cannot be changed or configured; it is pre-selected based on your Grafana Cloud Metrics database for both the source of metrics data and the place that recorded SLO data is stored.

Note: The default data source is also displayed when entering your query in the Define service level indicator step of the wizard configuration.